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The 14th five year plan for forestry development in Zhejiang Province was issued

release date: 202 additional source: Zhejiang Provincial Forestry Bureau

recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Zhejiang Provincial Forestry Bureau jointly issued the 14th five year plan for forestry development in Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as the plan). Comprehensively summarize the outstanding achievements of forestry construction in Zhejiang Province during the 13th Five Year Plan period, scientifically analyze the new situation and main problems faced by the forestry development in Zhejiang Province, and clarify the forestry development objectives, spatial layout, main tasks, key projects and safeguard measures in Zhejiang Province in the next five years

the plan proposes that by 2025, the level of land greening and beautification in the province will continue to improve, the protection of natural resources will continue to be strengthened, the system of natural reserves will be basically completed, the ability of forestry to enrich the people will be significantly enhanced, the ecological and cultural construction will reach a new height, the forestry infrastructure will be more complete, the forest carbon sequestration capacity will be significantly improved, the forest director system will be fully implemented, the forest coverage rate in the province will reach 61.50%, and the forest volume will reach 445million cubic meters, High quality forest was built in Zhejiang, and we worked hard to see with our own eyes the whole production process of Zhongfu high precision aluminum company, the company's transformation and upgrading project, in the Yulian Group production workshop, creating an "important window" for the modernization of forestry in the country

on the basis of the layout between the "five forestry development areas", including Alex Thomson sailing race, the manufacturer of 60 foot carbon fiber reinforced Hugo Boss racing boat and BAC (Briggs automotive company), which produces mono super sports car, the "safety device plan" fully connects the overall pattern of the "basic ideas of the 14th five year plan for national economic and social development of Zhejiang Province" and the "general plan of land and space of Zhejiang Province", Put forward the spatial layout of forestry development of "one place, two screens, three areas and multiple groups", that is, "ecological Highlands in Southwest Zhejiang, landscape ecological screens in Qiantang River and coastal ecological screens in eastern Zhejiang, forestry development areas around Hangzhou Bay plain, Jinqu basin and hilly forestry development areas in the Middle East of Zhejiang, and multiple forestry industry development clusters", so as to further optimize the layout of forestry development in the province

the plan puts forward the main tasks of the "14th five year plan" period of forestry development in Zhejiang Province: implementing resource protection with high standards and building a new pattern of ecological security; Promote ecological restoration at a high level and write a new chapter in beautiful Zhejiang; Develop industries that enrich the people with high efficiency and build a new model for the transformation of the two mountains; Carry forward forest culture with high taste and lead the new trend of ecological culture; High efficiency can improve the ability of intelligent management and shape the new advantages of modern forestry; Continue to deepen comprehensive reform and stimulate new impetus for forestry development; Insist on strengthening innovation drive and realize new leaps in forestry development

according to the plan, during the "14th five year plan" period, Zhejiang Province will focus on the implementation of one million mu of land greening and beautification projects, ten million mu of forest quality precision improvement projects, famous mountain park development projects, rare and endangered wild animals and plants rescue and protection projects, natural reserve system construction projects, important wetland protection and restoration projects, forest disaster prevention and control guarantee projects, and green rich industry efficiency projects, Ten key construction projects, such as the digital forestry and modern equipment construction project and the shared forest universal benefit project. In order to ensure the realization of the goals and tasks proposed in the plan, Zhejiang Province will strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen assessment, increase financial support, guide the participation of the whole people, and ensure results

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