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The 13th "industrial automation and standardization" symposium was successfully concluded

from May 21 to 22, 2014, the 13th industrial automation and standardization symposium, hosted by the Secretariat of the national industrial process measurement control and automation Standardization Technical Committee (sac/tc124) and organized by the technology promotion center of the Institute of integrated technology and Economics (ITEI) of machinery industry instrumentation, was successfully held in the China workers' home hotel in Beijing

with the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, new technologies and concepts have emerged in the industrial field, such as information security, functional security, digital factory, industrial energy efficiency and other technologies and industrial 4.0 concepts. The application of these technologies has continuously improved the automation, intelligence and refinement level of industrial production; At the same time, the application of these new technologies must first meet the functional needs of users in various industries. BASF will move its global business unit headquarters of battery materials from the United States to Shanghai. Only by closely combining user needs and technological development can we effectively lead the benign development of China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry

therefore, focusing on the theme of regression: quantitative needs of users and realization, this seminar took standardization as the link between the two, and carried out in-depth discussions through the application of technology in industry regulations, safety, energy conservation, digital factory and other aspects

leaders of the National Standardization Management Committee, the equipment department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Chinese society of automation and European electrical and electronic industry institutions were invited to the conference and delivered speeches. Wang Zhongdan, vice president of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., the first representative of ABB China Technical Standardization Committee, delivered a speech on behalf of the manufacturer

Mr. Lin Rong, deputy chief engineer of Sinopec engineering and construction company, on the idea and implementation of building smart factories in the petrochemical industry, and Mr. Haibin, deputy director general of China Society of automation, on the information support environment and knowledge ontology of ubiquitous information-based intelligent manufacturing, Li Ning, chief engineer of automatic control technology center of Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute Co., Ltd., told the reporter that Mr. Haidong made special reports on the application of Fieldbus Technology in power plants, and expounded the development of application fields and user needs. Experts from Siemens, abb, Qingdao Haitian Weiye, weidmiller, Phoenix Contact, Shanghai endhaus, CC link association, Mitsubishi Electric, baccalais industrial automation, Schneider Electric, T V Rhine group and other companies gave a keynote speech on how to meet user needs around information security, functional security, digital factory, industrial energy efficiency technology and industrial 4.0 concept

the meeting also invited the national industrial control and system engineering technology research center, North China Electric Power Design Institute Engineering Co., Ltd., CNOOC Petrochemical Co., Ltd., China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., the State Key Laboratory of hybrid process industrial automation system and equipment technology of metallurgical automation research and Design Institute, the engineering design and Research Institute of the general equipment department, Dongfeng design and Research Institute of China second automobile group, Tsinghua University More than 20 industry and field experts from the State Key Laboratory of rail transit control and safety, Beijing Jiaotong University, Southwest University and other units attended the open forum, and expounded their return to the theme of the forum from the perspective of users: the marine liquidation of this century can become a symbol for us to make the world a better place by using technology. Users' understanding of quantitative needs and realization, asking questions, and interacting with manufacturers and representatives. It has enhanced the close integration of interaction and exchange between industry, University, research and application, production and manufacturing enterprises and experts in the application field

nearly 100 interactive questions collected through interaction at the meeting site are selectively answered by experts on site. For unanswered questions, the organizer organizes experts to answer and publish them on relevant media, and continues to discuss issues related to users' quantitative needs and Realization in the form of non closing seminars

the exhibition and demonstration area opened at the conference site meets the needs of the participants for face-to-face communication, interpretation of industry development and sharing of application cases. A compilation of the 13th industrial automation and standardization lectures was published in conjunction with the symposium. More than 300 experts and representatives from home and abroad attended the meeting, and the participants generally reflected that the meeting not only reflected a strong academic exchange atmosphere, but also attracted product manufacturers, system integrators, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and users in application fields with new technology, large amount of information, market application value, innovation and practicality

finally, Ouyang Jinsong, director of the Institute of integrated technology and economics of machinery industry instruments, made a concise summary on the theme design, discussion content and form on behalf of the host and organizer of the meeting. Thanks for the support of all parties, thanks for the hard work of the speech experts, participants and conference staff to complete all the expected contents of the conference, and looks forward to a successful conclusion in the happy atmosphere that the Ministry of industry and information technology will continue to formulate and introduce a series of industrial promotion policies and measures from this year to meet again in five years

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