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British e2v company, the leader of industrial cameras, is optimistic about China's machine vision market and introduces innovative products. The industry forecast report released by a leading business information company in China shows that the market scale of China's machine vision industry will continue to grow, reaching 3.8 billion yuan in 2016. At the same time, machine vision technology will have many functions, such as detecting and identifying accessories and equipment without contact, and accurately measuring dimensions. This development is a very important tool for production automation and will continue to contribute to the reform of factory automation in China

the global financial crisis has brought new opportunities for China's concept of low-carbon economy. Therefore, improving the industrial structure to reduce waste and increase efficiency plays an important role in the development of enterprises. Moreover, rising wages and labor shortages have also prompted companies to invest more in automation technology to improve production efficiency. In such a market environment, machine vision is a tool that can help factories reduce pollution and obtain high efficiency at a lower cost

in the food production industry, product quality occupies the primary position, and employees need to observe and identify nearby to ensure that there are no production errors. However, errors may be caused by distraction or health factors, which will have a huge impact on the business. This is also crucial for the pharmaceutical industry, because mistakes will affect the health of patients. Machine vision technology can avoid human errors and ensure product quality

for another example, machine vision technology can help improve efficiency, reduce labor costs and human error, which is three times the error at the end of "1015". Production and management operations in some industries can also be replaced by machines. With the accuracy and less manpower in the production process, machine vision technology can improve the flexibility and automation of production, so as to improve production efficiency

e2v is the world's leading provider of high-performance imaging solutions, with a series of innovative machine vision technology products. Among them is the new eliixa+ linear array scanning color camera, which is specially designed and has the characteristics of high speed, high sensitivity and high resolution. In order to meet the growing demand for color imaging in the industry, eliixa+ color camera is an ideal choice for industry users in the last 10 years since 1993. This camera provides true color mode, and provides services for companies that scan high-resolution documents and inspect the surfaces of printed matter, flat panel displays, printed circuit boards, food, drugs and high-quality raw materials. This kind of service adopts the innovative CMOS pixel system of e2v, and also combines the multi line scanning architecture in the most advanced pixel signal-to-noise ratio technology. By delaying the exposure of the same position, the sensitivity is further improved, and the exposure time is completely controllable

e2v also develops one-stop imaging solutions for FPD (flat panel display) testers, and promotes weak light functions to meet the needs of markets such as broadcasting, high-end security and national defense imaging

Paul Brown, President of e2v Asia Pacific region, said: China's machine vision industry will continue to grow. These are long and complex processes, and need 1. How to solve the problem of sensor displacement with electronic universal experimental machine? More sophisticated and stronger detection equipment. This promotion has led many system designers to adopt our eliixa+ camera series, and the enthusiastic response of the market has exceeded our expectations. The combination of high-speed operation and high-resolution of this series of products has brought great success to businesses. Through our branch office in Beijing, we continue to increase the opportunities to emerge in China. At the same time, our regional headquarters in Hong Kong also provide support and help, so that we can directly provide domestic related support to our customers. Chinese customers have responded very well to the commitment and investment of e2v, and we are full of confidence in the future development of e2v in China

Mr. Steve Blair, the new CEO of e2v, added: e2v can provide world-leading solutions because we have a strong innovation team. At the same time, innovation is driving the Chinese market, which is just within our capabilities. As the new CEO of e2v, I hope to lead my excellent team to seize the huge business opportunities in the Chinese market and help the industry deliver more efficient and high-performance systems through innovative technologies. We are planning further expansion. For us, the development of the Asia Pacific region is now an exciting moment

about e2v

e2v is a leading global supplier of high-performance systems and equipment expertise, committed to providing a variety of solutions, subsystems and components for medical technology, aerospace and defense, as well as commercial and industrial markets

e2v has about 1650 employees, has design and operation centers in Europe, North America and Asia, and has opened sales and technical support offices around the world. E2v, with annual sales of £ 200million, is listed on the London Stock Exchange. For more information, please visit

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