The 13th five year plan of the hottest robot is re

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The 13th five year plan of the robot calls for the tensile strength and elongation of the main testing data. Trillions of gold mines are to be dug.

every time the future plan at the national level is issued, it affects the heartstrings of the capital market. With the introduction of the 13th five year plan gradually approaching, how to dig for investment opportunities in the new cycle has become one of the hottest discussions in the capital market

based on the reform momentum and transformation trend contained in the new cycle, the benefits of robotics, 3D printing, smart home and other industries are increasingly clear, and theme investment opportunities are ready. Industry insiders said that the 13th five year plan puts more emphasis on adjusting structure, changing mode and promoting innovation. At present, the 13th five year plan for many industries including robots has been basically completed. Jiabin said that it will be announced in the coming months. Maoweiming, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, also said a few days ago that the 13th five year plan for the robot industry will be completed by the end of October this year

industry insiders believe that the 13th five year plan for the development of the robot industry will become another major policy accelerator to promote industrial development after the issuance of the guiding opinions on promoting the development of the industrial robot industry at the end of 2013. It is worth mentioning that the State Council earlier issued the "made in China 2025" program document to comprehensively deploy the manufacturing power strategy. It clearly emphasizes the three steps of manufacturing power, that is, to become a manufacturing power in 2025, the manufacturing industry will reach the medium level of the world's manufacturing power in 2035, and new China will enter the forefront of the world's manufacturing power 100 years after its founding. For the development of innovative industries, the strategy clearly puts forward the development of high-end CNC machine tools and robots, helping robots and other intelligent manufacturing industries

according to the analysis of market participants, the top-level design has been implemented, and the relevant implementation policies are expected to be further introduced gradually, and the development of the robot industry ushers in an explosion opportunity. The use of industrial robots in many countries around the world for nearly half a century shows that the popularity of industrial robots is an effective means to achieve automated production, improve social production efficiency, and promote the development of enterprises and social productivity. Some analysts pointed out that with the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend, the rise of productivity costs and the need for upgrading the industrial structure, the replacement of human labor by robots will become a development trend, and the era of high growth of China's industrial robots has come, as well as the new material industry

on the whole, the use density of robots in China is at a very low level, and the increase in the use density of robots will drive the increase in the demand for robots. By comparing virtue with Japan and South Korea, some institutions estimate that the scale of China's robot market will exceed trillion yuan. With abundant market scale and increasing government support, China's robot enterprises are expected to improve their global competitiveness, and the market also has good development opportunities. With the gradual implementation of more investment and subsidies, the robot industry will usher in a golden period, and the relevant industrial chain stocks deserve special attention

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