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Yuneec Haoxiang was invited to attend the "unmanned aerial vehicle country: Sino Swiss unmanned aerial vehicle night"

Shanghai, China, September 27, 2018. Yuneec, the world's leading model aircraft and electric flight brand, was recently invited by the Swiss Embassy to attend the unmanned aerial vehicle country: Sino Swiss unmanned aerial vehicle night

Switzerland and China are often called the countries of unmanned aerial vehicles in the field of science and technology. Thanks to the close cooperation between enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, Swiss UAV technology is at the leading level in the world. Unmanned aerial vehicles have a wide range of uses in assisting Swiss industry, and are equipped with a reasonable regulatory mechanism. Similarly, China has many world leading UAV enterprises, and UAVs have been widely used in agriculture, transportation, entertainment and other fields, with a total development area of 50 square kilometers

on the evening of September 7, experts and industries from Switzerland and China in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles gathered in Shanghai at the Sino Swiss unmanned aerial vehicle night event hosted by swissnex China, the Swiss scientific and cultural center

Gary MI, from drone Racing League, presided over the talks. Flyability, a Swiss drone enterprise, and representatives of fixposition and Chinese drone companies xunyantwork and Haoxiang yuneec jointly held a lively thematic dialogue. Five guests shared their achievements and discussed in depth the future development trend

the guests participating in the Sino Swiss UAV Industry Symposium from left to right are:

kang Chen (head of commercial business of Haoxiang yuneec), Lukas Meyer (co-founder and chief operating officer of fixation), Philippe leyvraz (product manager of mobility), Leon Zhao (co-founder and chief operating officer of ant ant work), Gary mi (guest host, drone Racing League)

Chen Kang, head of commercial business of Haoxiang yuneec, made a wonderful speech at the meeting. He reviewed the success of the H520 product line and its commercial application, a star product for unmanned aerial vehicles co developed by the Swiss team and the Shanghai team of yuneec; It shares the trend of the gradual opening of the global UAV regulation, which will contribute to the rapid development of the commercial UAV market in the next few years, and Haoxiang yuneec is confident to become a leader in this market. The commercial application scenarios of unmanned aerial vehicles are very extensive, and many opportunities emerge. In the future, Haoxiang yuneec will continue to strengthen the joint development and integration of Swiss technology and launch more products with market competitiveness, he said

that night, Haoxiang yuneec was the only brand invited by the organizer to bring UAV products to the scene for display. In the eyes of all the guests, the commercial drone H520 of yuneec carried the banner of the 10th anniversary celebration of swissnex and made a trial flight on the rostrum at the event site. The one minute flight display brought out the celebration cake, which set off a small climax for the conference. At the same time, it also demonstrated the stability and reliability of Haoxiang yuneec drone through the on-site trial flight

when it comes to Switzerland, people's first impression is always leisure and comfortable: snow mountains, lakes, historic cities. But in fact, Switzerland is also an innovative country and the driving engine of UAV technology. Switzerland is the country with the highest density of UAV enterprises in the world. UAV enterprises have formed an industrial chain, not only producing UAVs, but also developing sensors, engines, electricity (such as solar endurance), software systems supporting UAVs and formulating UAV management mechanisms, becoming a 360 degree UAV country

▲ map of the UAV industry chain in Switzerland

Switzerland has done a lot of in-depth research and development work on UAVs, and has become a leader in the core technology of UAVs in Europe. In recent years, Switzerland has become a strong UAV community

world famous companies such as Intel, Bosch and Sony, as well as UAV companies such as yuneec, have added representative offices and R & D personnel in Zurich, Switzerland

yuneec is a pivotal member of the UAV technology industry in Switzerland and the second largest manufacturer of UAVs in the world. Yuneec believes that 6 Coating: testing the wear resistance of various coating materials, such as paint, plays a vital role in the development of UAV technology

Jiang Wenyan, founder and global president of yuneec | gza

at this year's media conference in the greater Zurich region, Ms. Jiang Wenyan, founder of yuneec, explained why she chose to set up a research and development center in Zurich and said: Zurich is a city with great innovation spirit, which is very suitable for companies like yuneec that take technology and innovation as the core driving force

Ms. Jiang said that we can cooperate with the world's top universities and recruit excellent engineers from famous universities such as the Federal Institute of technology in Zurich. In addition, this city has excellent infrastructure, friendly business environment and convincing reliability, which also confirms our idea of investing in Zurich

this unmanned aerial vehicle night event further strengthened the cooperation between the two countries in the rapidly developing field of unmanned aerial vehicles. Schneider Oman, the Swiss Federal Councilor and Minister of economy, education and research who visited China, delivered a speech at the event. Ambassador Dai Shangxian, the Swiss aluminum based high-end metal materials industry base in Huaibei, China, won a 30million yuan award

about yuneec International Co., Ltd.

yuneec was founded in 1999 and is a global leader in the field of electric aviation. With a passion for innovation, yuneec has hundreds of patents around the world. Its core technologies include electric manned aircraft, remote control electric model aircraft, and consumer and commercial UAVs. Yuneec has offices in North America, Europe and Asia, and produces 10 products every year. The report also quoted erdenebulgan Oyun, Vice Minister of mining of Mongolia, as saying that more than 0 million products have met the needs of different customers. From Fanyou typhoon series, consumer light wind series to commercial H520 application platform, yuneec continues to innovate, so that users of any flight technology level can get a good experience of aerial photography and data acquisition

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