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Yunnan issued a "supervision order" to ban non degradable plastic products in the built-up area of Kunming city. Release date: 20 years of development source: Kunming

recently, cloud 4. Solid core cylinder ensures the stability of the workpiece. The southern Provincial Department of ecological environment and other 9 departments jointly issued the "notice on seriously doing a good job in the recent work of plastic pollution control to ensure the completion of the annual task" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), Urge all States and cities in the province to intensify efforts to control plastic pollution and ensure the completion of the 2020 goal and task of plastic pollution control

the notice requires that Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Dali and Lijiang should strengthen the supervision and guidance of shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores and other venues in scenic spots and urban built-up areas of Kunming, as well as catering packaging and takeout services and the cessation of the use of non degradable plastic bags in various exhibition activities. Guide and urge catering enterprises to stop using disposable plastic straws and disposable plastic tableware and do a good job in product substitution in accordance with the implementation plan of Yunnan Province to further strengthen plastic pollution control

the notice requires that commerce and market supervision departments at all levels should promote Kunming and other state (city) market markets to establish a centralized shopping bag purchase and sale system, and further standardize the sales and use of plastic shopping bags in market markets. In addition, from 2021, the use of non degradable plastic packaging products, disposable plastic woven bags, etc. will be gradually banned in postal express delivery points across Yunnan Province, reducing the use of non degradable plastic tape. For the commodities sold through e-commerce channels, the business and postal administration departments at all levels will try to keep the same point with the U-shaped curve of this barrier in 2021, promote the integration of commodities and express packaging, and reduce the secondary packaging in the delivery link

the notice also clarified the prohibition of the production and sale of relevant plastic products, as well as the strengthening of the supervision and inspection of the prohibition of plastic products in the production and sale links

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