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Yunnan plans to build a new "Chuda expressway" with the tendency to open a new line for reconstruction and expansion

Yunnan plans to build a new "Chuda expressway" with the tendency to open a new line for reconstruction and expansion

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during this year's Provincial People's Congress, the author interviewed he Bo, director of the Provincial Department of communications who attended this conference as a nonvoting delegate, and learned that the reconstruction and expansion project of Chuda road is in the preliminary research and demonstration stage, and the current research results are more inclined to open a new line, Build a new two-way six lane expressway. However, the final plan is yet to be further studied and approved by the provincial government

Chu Da Expressway

reconstruction and expansion tends to open new lines

after the Spring Festival last year, this newspaper has paid continuous and high-frequency attention to the progress of highway projects such as Chu Da expressway. The author asked this question again, and he Bo did not shy away, and introduced in detail the expansion and reconstruction plan of Chu Da expressway. "As the Chuxiong Dali section is reconstructed from the original first-class Road, the technical standard is relatively low. In addition, the number of passing vehicles has soared in recent years, the existing level is far from meeting the traffic demand, and the traffic congestion is serious every holiday." He Bo said frankly, "we are very concerned about this and are accelerating the preliminary work of reconstruction and expansion."

the author learned that in order to thoroughly solve the congestion problem of the western Yunnan corridor in the 11 year development time and formulate a thorough and scientific reconstruction and expansion plan, the Provincial Department of transportation has invited domestic and provincial experts and scholars, deputies to the National People's Congress, members of the CPPCC, heads of relevant provincial departments and local governments along the line to conduct many studies and demonstrations and widely listen to the opinions of all parties. "At present, considering the low technical standards of the existing road sections, if the widening and expansion along the old road is carried out, it is bound to cause an imbalance between the standard of half width is low and the standard of the other half is high." He Bo said that in addition, considering the huge pressure of widening and expanding along the old road, the current research results tend to open a new line and build a new channel of two-way six lane expressway, which is roughly Kunming Guangtong mouding Yao'an Dali. However, the final plan needs to be reported to the provincial government for research and decision

seven projects

construction started in the first quarter of this year

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Yunnan will comprehensively launch the five-year Conference on integrated transportation. We will strive to achieve the goal of connecting all prefectures and cities in the province with highways after five years of efforts. During the interview, He Bo is clear about the highway construction goals in Yunnan in the next five years—— "Large economic counties with a population of more than 500000 and counties in the urban economic circle in Central Yunnan have highways. Five years later, the total scale of highways in our province has reached 250000 kilometers, and the investment in highway and waterway construction has reached 500billion yuan, including 380billion yuan for highway construction, 51billion yuan for national and provincial highway reconstruction, 55billion yuan for rural roads, and 14billion yuan for water transportation construction. At first, it looks like the letter" H " He Bo said

as the first year of the 13th five year plan, this year will become the work foundation during the 13th Five Year Plan period. He Bo said that it was necessary to ensure the construction of seven projects in the first quarter, including Wuding Tangdian XUNDIAN main line, Binchuan Dali, Baosteel Shandong belt, Chuda road test section, Chengjiang Jiangchuan, Chuansi Xinshi, Yuanjiang mamao; In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that all expressway projects in the central Yunnan economic circle, regardless of national highway and provincial highway, will start construction in 2016. He Bo also said that the construction of 24 projects under construction, including mengwenyan, xuanqu, xinsongkun, Kunming southeast ring, Xiangli, Huali, Yulin, Baolu, Xiaomo and Jiangzhao, should be accelerated. This year, we will also implement the construction of G219 national highway along the border, and strive to start the construction of more than 500 kilometers within this year

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