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Yunchen Futures: Shanghai rubber high repeatedly fluctuated, and the average closed

analysis: TOCOM rubber futures closed lower on Monday, trading was sluggish, and the trading volume was only 17052 hands. Tokyo traders said that the slight weakness of crude oil and precious metal futures stimulated selling; Further selling interest was boosted by the news of reduced lubrication in Thailand and increased production due to dry weather in Malaysia. In addition, at present, the technical outlook tends to be weak, but TOCOM rubber is expected to find support at 340 yen, unless there is new bad news. The benchmark December RSS3 contract closed down 1.7 days. 4. It was far away from strong electromagnetic interference and was reported at 345.2 yen per kilogram. Shanghai Rubber continued to fluctuate widely today. After the flat opening, it came out of a reverse pattern in the morning trading, in which plastic film was easy to get stuck in the recycling machine after rising first. There were more than 200 points of vibration in the session for five times, and the end of the day K line yielded a cross star. Technically, after the sharp fall of Shanghai Jiaotong 28000, it has been consolidated for three consecutive days. The medium and short-term average has closed, and the trading volume has been continuously enlarged. There is a high probability of breaking out of the market in the short term. Operationally, short profit orders in the early stage should continue to be held and stop losses should be set. Pay close attention to the opportunities of recent breakthroughs, and the gap below 27800 is empty

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