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Yulin LED lamp switching power transformer

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gradually began to replace flame retardant ABS with flame retardant PP to make household socket shell 1

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Yulin LED light switching power supply transformer output power The adjustment of pressure is achieved by controlling Q1 conduction time through negative feedback loop. If the DC load current rises, the conduction time will

automatically increase to provide more energy for the load. If the VDC decreases and the ton does not change, the peak current, that is, the stored energy of L1, will decrease, resulting in a decrease in the output voltage

the transformer current of Yulin LED lamp switching power supply is completely supplied by C0, so C0 should be selected to be large enough to make its voltage drop to small and meet the requirements when supplying power to the load in ton period. When Q1 is turned off, the inductance current cannot change suddenly from

, the voltage polarity of L1 is reversed, and the voltage of L1 synonym terminal is positive relative to the same name terminal

high frequency noise and sharp noise spikes are disturbing. This is not filtered by the 2-pole LC filter. If I use this power supply, how can I ensure that my

circuit board can maintain sufficient functions despite these noises? However, it turns out that this noise is not actually the voltage noise on the power output. In my detection of

, all radio frequencies are radio frequencies. Distinguishing between voltage noise and RF pickup, the large di/dt through the inductor in the LC filter leads to a large

magnetic field generated near SMPS. Any loop with a low inductance path will generate magnetic induced current, which will generate the voltage we measured with an oscilloscope. I made a ring antenna with a 10 times

probe connected to the SMPS lead. When it is in the constant voltage state, it works according to the characteristics of the constant voltage power supply. When it is in the constant current state, it works according to the characteristics of the constant current power supply. Constant voltage

is the constant current power supply constant voltage or constant current? To sum up, it can be seen that the constant voltage and constant current power supply is both constant voltage and constant current. When the load resistance connected to the constant voltage and constant current power supply is a certain value

, the power supply is at the critical point of constant voltage and constant current (that is, when the voltage and current are at the current value). With the increase of load resistance, the constant voltage control unit inside the power supply

starts to work, and the output voltage remains at 4 The lens should always be kept clean and unchanged, and the current changes with the change of load resistance; When the load resistance decreases and is less than the critical value, the

constant current control unit inside the power supply starts to work,

, and then uses a 2-pole LC filter to filter it. The switching action of MOSFET produces market competitiveness and further improves the alternating cycle, in which the current

flows into the inductor, and then the inductor discharges. This leads to large di/dt and large voltage spikes. We expect this noise. This is a question of how effective LC filter is in preventing these large voltage spikes from being transmitted to the rest of the circuit. The typical output voltage of SMPS will show ripple at the switching frequency. An important index of

is that when the regulator has no load,

in addition, the high-frequency noise is greatly reduced, and the short-time transient - actually as RF pickup noise rather than rail voltage noise - is no longer displayed as part of the output signal of the switch. Frequency domain noise as long as I use the ground plane close to my power supply and signal path, this is an important semiconductor design practice. The equipment powered by this SMPS and the signal on my board will only see the harmonic SMPS generated by 50 kHz. Using a direct coaxial, low-noise connection, I measured the noise spectrum on the SMPS power supply

track. An example is shown in Figure 5. Figure 5 Noise spectrum on the power rail. The peak in the spectrum is a 50 kHz harmonic of the switching frequency. The amplitude of the primary harmonic

wave is about 10 dbmv. The safety regulation capacitor of Yulin LED lamp switching power supply transformer is an important control device in the safety regulation certification, and it should be used with the safety certification certificate. In the test and certification, a better filter design can pass the conducted interference in EMC

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