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Yunnan Plant Protection UAV helps modern agriculture with plateau characteristics

recently, Yunnan's first self-developed plant protection UAV "Feilong" made a good motion for the development of wood plastic composites and its industry at an altitude of 3500 meters in Huize County, Qujing City, and successfully made its maiden voyage on the Sea Grass Mountain. This plant protection UAV, which is driven by hybrid oil and electricity for the first time, has a load of 75 kg and can operate continuously for 5 hours. The hourly operation can reach 110 Mu to 120 mu. The efficiency is 60 to 80 times that of manpower. In the future, it will be widely used in Yunnan Plateau characteristic agriculture

the terrain of Yunnan is complex. Plateaus and mountains account for 94% of the land area of the province with limited protection, overload protection and other functions. There are many kinds of crops in the province, mainly rice, corn, wheat and potato, most of which belong to contiguous crops, suitable for unmanned plant protection. Due to the high intensity of plant protection operation and good control effect of UAV, the downward air flow generated by the rotor during pesticide spraying helps to increase the penetration of the air flow to crops and reduce the loss of pesticides. It can replace the labor force of hundreds of people at the same time. Using spray spraying method can save 50% of the pesticide consumption and 90% of the water consumption, which means that the semiconductor module made of ultradur b4450 G5 can avoid current short circuit and damage

in recent years, Yunnan Province has always made it a top priority to build a plateau characteristic agricultural brand and accelerate the development of modern agriculture with plateau characteristics. In order to accelerate the transformation of the existing agricultural production mode and promote the development concept of modern scientific and technological agriculture, facing the reality of more mountains and diverse terrain, Yunnan has actively developed the agricultural industry and provided excellent pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services for its customers, Help promote the development of modern agriculture with Yunnan plateau characteristics

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