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In recent years, in the process of accelerating the digital and intelligent transformation, Yunnan power and Huawei need to break through regional barriers and use advanced video conference systems to comply with the development of media and communication technology

taking the power industry as an example, the new generation of video conference system built by Yunnan power and Huawei in 2020 has become the first cloud video application case deployed by the all cloud integrated media platform and autonomous controllable video terminals in the power industry. As one of the key projects supervised by Yunnan electric power in 2020, the new video conference system not only effectively solves many practical pain points of the original conference system, but also greatly improves the operation efficiency within the enterprise, providing strong support for the transformation and upgrading of the overall business of Yunnan electric power

thousands of miles of participation, hardware bottlenecks,

the original video conference system is difficult to keep pace with the times

Yunnan Dianyuan video conference system, which was built in 2009, failed to cover most of the inspection and maintenance centers and the subordinate power supply units at the county (District) level that output electrical signals by moving the position of the iron core in the coil, and most of the power supply stations and emergency repair stations, so the grass-roots staff need to personally go to the superior company to participate in the video conference. However, the geographical situation in Yunnan Province is complex. Most power supply stations and distribution points are located in remote areas with poor road conditions. About 70% of the staff of power supply stations and 75% of the distribution points often need hours to attend the meeting, accounting for a lot of time costs. Therefore, more grassroots points urgently need to access the video conference system

in addition, each point has higher communication frequency with the superior company, and has higher requirements for the transmission of high-definition audio and video content. These have put forward new requirements for video conference information system: wider coverage, greater access, higher bandwidth configuration and so on. Under the new situation, Yunnan electric power enterprises urgently need a new generation of video conference system to get rid of the application pain points

3 lower guide spindle, lower friction sub disc and friction torque sensing system in 2019, Gan Lin, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Yunnan electric power, published "promoting the high-quality development of Yunnan electric power through digital transformation", pointing out that the key to promoting the digital transformation of the company is to build a digital technology support platform and capability system, and realize the digital description, perception and comprehensiveness of equipment, people and business through the new generation of ICT technology, Make digital technology run through the whole process of business management, and form a digital power of more than 40 million in terms of operation holographic perception, efficient resource sharing, safe and economic operation, accurate and intelligent decision-making. Since then, Yunnan electric power has steadily promoted and gradually upgraded its digital management capability. Last year, the new generation of video conference system created by Yunnan power and Huawei not only meets the needs of the internal digital reform of the enterprise, but also effectively develops Yunnan power in terms of resources, costs and applications

convergence, efficiency, diversity,

three fires of the new video conference system

it is understood that the new system is based on Huawei video service management platform SMC, registered call and traversal service platform SC, cloud integrated media platform cloudmcu, intelligent conference server, and the new generation of cloudlink series video conference terminals and mobile soft terminals. On the basis of the original conference system, A new video conference system integrating 4K video interaction, emergency consultation, face check-in, electronic brand and other functions is formed

it can be seen that the new video conference system gives full play to Huawei's technical advantages in intelligent conference, video interaction and collaboration. The combination of cloud service + HD Video + Intelligent AI technology facilitates the injection, so that the new system not only has a higher quality and efficient video conference function, but also has more imagination in the application of information publicity, resource integration, intelligent management and other fields

Yunnan Power said that the early demand statistics of the new system project was completed in 2019, and the trial operation began on April 30, 2020. After three months of testing, the new video conference system has completed the configuration, installation and commissioning of 1076 grass-roots units and offices in Yunnan Province, realizing the full coverage of video conferences. Up to now, the new system has successfully undertaken the convening of more than 6000 video conferences after it was put into operation, and has guaranteed the smooth holding of important provincial conferences for many times

After the new system is officially put into operation, first of all, in terms of resource integration, it breaks the practical constraints of the original video conference system, such as resource dispersion and sharing difficulties, and realizes the unified management, hierarchical control and dynamic allocation of video conference resources throughout the province. By deploying cloud service elements and using Huawei's ultra-high definition video conference terminal, the new system managers can eliminate single point of risk failures in time, further reducing the pressure of operation and maintenance. In the video network built by the new system, the provincial company has realized remote communication and cooperation with all grass-roots units and points

secondly, after the new system was put into operation, it completely changed the situation of grass-roots personnel who traveled thousands of miles to attend meetings in the past. At present, the new system has fully covered the grass-roots business units such as power supply stations, patrol inspection centers, distribution stations, etc. grass-roots personnel can easily join the club with one click only by opening the video conference equipment, which saves the cost of traveling, improves work efficiency, and truly reduces the burden on the grass-roots. This is of great significance to comprehensively improve the distribution management level within Yunnan power enterprises and further strengthen the management of grass-roots teams

relevant personnel of Yunnan electric power said that with the gradual stabilization of the new system, Yunnan electric power company will significantly strengthen its large-scale and deep-seated unified management ability, improve the efficiency of information transmission, and realize diversified applications in emergency command, remote training, work inspection and other fields. At the same time, he also pointed out that Yunnan electric power will realize digitalization in intelligent power, digital south, power communication, power IOT and other fields Intelligent transformation has laid a solid foundation

with its powerful cloud services, advanced AI technology, as well as years of accumulated deep industry experience and understanding of customer needs, Huawei video conference system will break through industry boundaries in the future, develop into a broader field, and constantly explore and forge ahead for the long-term goal of digital transformation of thousands of industries

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