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Yum software call center business opened to customers nationwide in March

in March this year, yum software, China's largest fashion enterprise information solution service provider, opened its Yum call. It will provide full life-cycle services including software fault diagnosis, software application guidance, data services, etc., and will be open to customers throughout the country during the service period

At the beginning of 2012, yum put forward the idea of creating an online and offline integrated service process, that is, the mode of combining the maintenance and protection of equipment provided by the call center, remote and support services and the on-site service support provided by the star link service point, diverting service demands and realizing an efficient service experience; Thus, the steel structure engineering inspection includes all the specified experimental inspection contents of raw materials, welding materials, weldments, fasteners, welds, bolt ball joints, coatings and other materials and projects of steel structures and special equipment, optimize the service system, promote the specialization and hierarchy of the overall service, and let customers really enjoy efficient and low-cost convenient services

in June of the same year, yum took the lead in commissioning call services in five major cities: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Wenzhou; Soon, the center won unanimous praise from customers with its strong knowledge system, mature solutions, professional echelon of technicians and other advantages

call business connects China, accompanied by five-star services

in March 2013, yum! Call was officially opened to customers nationwide during the service period, providing full life-cycle services, including software fault diagnosis, software application guidance, data services, demand feedback, etc., to fully ensure the stability, availability and efficiency of software operation

now, customers only need to dial the unified number, select the corresponding software product according to the prompt voice, and professional agents will access and provide services in time. In order to better serve customers, the call center also subdivides professional seats into first-line seats and second-line seats; The front-line seats mainly answer the common problems in the use of software products for customers; In case of special or complex product conditions, the first-line agent will transfer the customer to a more senior second-line agent, or send the order to the star link on-site service engineer at the customer's location for solution, so as to truly achieve the purpose of solving the customer's problems without delay and in a timely manner

Yum software was launched in March. The inability of Yum to obtain commercial quantities of graphene is a key problem that has hindered the use of graphene and the maturity and implementation of graphene enhanced utilization (the following generation of energy technology, composite materials, water treatment, corrosion protection, etc.) over the years. The customer only needs to dial the unified number and select the corresponding software product according to the prompt voice. The professional agent will come and pass the strict test before it can be put into use and access to provide services in time

at the same time, the call center also shoulders the important responsibility of customer demand feedback, that is, the customer's use of products is regularly fed back to Yum research and development center to help improve product use functions and enhance customer purchase confidence and identity

in addition, customers in the national service period can also use the star Link card number and password to log in to the service platform to obtain 24-hour self-service. The services include knowledge base query, service list query, patch download, purchase information query, user forum, yum! Click subscription, etc., providing channel support for customers' self-improvement, experience exchange, service transparency, etc

so far, yum call center has become a service-oriented call center with professional technology as the foundation and standard process as the support by gathering many technical backbone personnel to realize the skill coverage of the whole product, unified call processing and on-site service management

Yum! Call center will strive to adhere to the work philosophy of creating memorable customer experience, hoping to use the wisdom of calling to achieve customer success

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