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Freescale will build a simulation kingdom in the analog electronics industry

who will show their skills in the analog electronics industry? Obviously, Freescale has this intention. Freescale announced richbeyer as the new chairman and CEO of Freescale this week, and will officially take office in March. Richbeyer was formerly the CEO and board member of INTERSIL, an analog chip manufacturer

Freescale sells a small variety of simulators. Compared with the whole analog electronics industry, Freescale is currently a relatively small company, which is also the problem. Freescale, whose performance is worrying, needs to quickly find new markets. Unlike the digital electronics industry, the performance growth rate of the analog electronics industry is slow

"under the leadership of richbeyer, Freescale may eventually grow", americantechnologyre (the overall prosperity of the industry continues to decline, searchinc.) Analyst dougfreedman pointed out in a report that "richbeyer's past success record is very attractive to Freescale because private equity investors are eager to make Freescale profitable again."

Freescale may want to recapture part of its business from one of its rivals (such as texasinstruments). With the passage of time, Ti has transformed from a "DSP manufacturer" facing the digital electronic market to an "analog electronic device manufacturer". In fact, Ti is the world's largest supplier of analog devices

under the leadership of Beyer, Freescale can develop in many fields. Freedman said, "Freescale's focus is similar to INTERSIL's, but it is still relatively small at present, but it may grow its simulation business through a variety of ways: 1) increase revenue and drive low-profit business through the acquisition and development of high-performance simulation products (imitating ti's strategy) 。 2) Integrating analog functions and other logic devices in its embedded microprocessor series to create a more flexible Chinalco group for industrial and automotive applications will take meeting the needs of China's civil aircraft industry as the fundamental starting point SOC (imitating the strategy of cypress)

some people doubt whether Freescale will acquire medium-sized companies similar to INTERSIL in the future, but Freescale seems unlikely to acquire large-scale simulator companies such as ADI, Maxim and lineartechnology.

databeansinc believes that the analog electronics industry had a flat performance in 2007, but is expected to grow by 12% this year

"databeans think there will be growth in 2008, but I don't think so", Steveohr, an analyst at gartnerinc, said: "the best result is that the performance in 2008 increased by only 4% as in 2007; b) in an environment where the relative humidity is no more than 30%; and the worst case is that the industry is depressed, and the annual revenue in the second half of 2008 also fell.

in addition, Ohr also expressed other views on Freescale:" I personally don't think Freescale will make more acquisitions, "Ohr pointed out. "I think the acquisition of SigmaTel has made Freescale spend a lot of working capital. Of course, Freescale is not a problem to further acquire other companies. But Freescale is more likely to recruit management talents from its competitors." Freescale recently agreed to pay about $110million for SigmaTel

Freescale still has a long way to go in the analog electronics industry. "In fact, Freescale has hired armannacovi from INTERSIL to help develop simulation product strategy a year ago. Nacovi believes that the prospect of power management devices is promising," Ohr said. "As a bystander, I'm curious about whether Na can be a good matchmaker and bridge. Covi can work peacefully with richbeyer."

it's still about the product direction. "Freescale has a large number of simulators (such as voltage regulators) called 'standard products for specific applications' that can also be regarded as analog businesses." they match high current DC-DC converters with some efficient PC processors of Freescale. "

"in general, Freescale's simulation designers are very talented," Ohr added

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