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The Ministry of environmental protection will give top priority to dealing with the heavily polluted weather

the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed the media on September 3 that after preliminary analysis and judgment by relevant experts, the weather situation in autumn and winter this year is not optimistic, and the process of heavily polluted weather is relatively advanced. The heavily polluted weather in winter has become the most concerned and urgent environmental problem in the whole society. We should make coping with heavily polluted weather the top priority of our current work, and resolutely fight for the comprehensive treatment of air pollution in autumn and winter

affected by factors such as the expansion of the melting area of Arctic sea ice and the change of Pacific sea temperature, the Siberian cold high may be weaker than the normal year, the frequency of cold air southward may be less than the normal year, and the Pacific subtropical high may be stronger than the normal year, which may cause higher temperature and humidity in autumn and winter. The pollution formation process in Beijing since August 31 is similar to that in mid September 2015 and 2016, indicating that compared with previous years, this year's heavily polluted weather process is relatively ahead of schedule

in order to effectively improve air quality, the Ministry of environmental protection has taken a series of effective measures such as "stubble pressing" to strengthen supervision and rectify gas-related "scattered pollution" enterprises this year, and initial results have been achieved. Since March this year, the ambient air quality in Beijing Tianjin Hebei and its surrounding areas has continued to improve, achieving the best results since 2013. The average concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing from March to August is only 49 micrograms/cubic meter, a decrease of about 25% compared with the same period in 2016, and the monthly average concentration is the lowest since 2013

however, the monitoring data show that in recent years, although the overall air quality in Beijing Tianjin Hebei and its surrounding areas has shown a continuous improvement trend, the improvement effect of air quality in autumn and winter is not significant, especially in the heating season from 2016 to 2017, the average concentration of PM2.5 rebounded slightly year-on-year, and the reduction of serious and above pollution days is not obvious. To this end, the Ministry of environmental protection, together with relevant departments and provincial and municipal people's governments, has studied and issued the "1+6" supporting plans, such as the action plan for the comprehensive treatment of air pollution in autumn and winter of 2018, which includes the "2017-20 regular application of a thin layer of MoS2 grease in Beijing Tianjin Hebei and its surrounding areas; regular inspection of screws at the jaws". The tough action adheres to the problem orientation, focuses on the comprehensive treatment of "scattered pollution" enterprises and clusters and the stable discharge of elevated sources up to the standard, and strengthens the measures of coal pressure and emission reduction, standard upgrading and transformation, and peak staggering production. In particular, it takes the proper response to the heavily polluted weather as an important breakthrough. While setting up local air quality improvement targets, it clarifies the decline proportion of heavily polluted days and urges local governments to make every effort to deal with the heavily polluted weather

in order to properly deal with the heavily polluted weather, the Ministry of environmental protection has taken comprehensive measures from four aspects. First, strengthen the emergency emission reduction measures. The Ministry of environmental protection issued the work plan for the revision of the classification standards of heavy pollution weather early warning and emergency emission reduction measures, requiring "2+26" cities to improve the emergency plan for heavy pollution weather as soon as possible, mainly to unify the emission reduction ratio of pollutants at different early warning levels, implement the emission reduction measures on the list, achieve one policy for one plant, and ensure that the emergency emission reduction measures achieve practical results. The second is to improve the prediction ability, greatly improve the calculation ability of the prediction platform, increase the prediction ability from 7 days to 10 days, and provide sufficient time to take effective measures. Third, strengthen supervision and supervision. In case of heavily polluted weather, the strengthened supervision team will carry out special supervision according to the local emergency emission reduction list to ensure that emission reduction measures are in place. Fourth, carry out regional emergency linkage. Once the regional heavily polluted weather is predicted, the Ministry of environmental protection will push the early warning prompt information to the relevant cities at the first time according to the regional consultation results. All cities in the region will start the relevant level early warning measures in time according to the early warning prompt information, so as to reduce the overall pollution emission level of the region and slow down the accumulation of pollutants, Reducing the pollution caused by the plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China, which is heavily polluted by the weather. In addition, the 35th meeting of the central leading group for comprehensively deepening reform has considered and approved the pilot plan for cross regional environmental protection institutions. The Ministry of environmental protection will do a solid job in the pilot work in accordance with the requirements approved by the central government. Translation, comparison and other methods can be used to compare the data of multiple curves at the same time;, Run the Beijing Tianjin Hebei atmospheric environment management organization as soon as possible to help cope with the heavily polluted weather in autumn and winter

the heavily polluted weather has become a "heart and lung disease" of the current society and the public. The Ministry of environmental protection will go all out to take the response to the heavily polluted weather as the top priority of the current work, and resolutely fight the battle of air pollution control in autumn and winter. At the same time, the response to heavy pollution weather also needs the joint participation and supervision of the whole society. During the warning period of heavy pollution weather, we should start from ourselves, practice a green lifestyle while doing a good job in health protection, actively report illegal sewage discharge behaviors, and jointly fight the blue sky defense war

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