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Ministry of environmental protection: take multiple measures to ensure the quality of environmental monitoring data

Wu Jiyou, deputy director of the environmental monitoring department of the Ministry of environmental protection, responded today, "what measures does the Ministry of environmental protection take to ensure the quality of environmental monitoring data?" Shi said that the environmental protection department has achieved good results in ensuring the quality of data and strengthening monitoring quality management through multiple measures

on the morning of January 20, the Ministry of environmental protection held its first regular press conference to release the air quality status in 2016 and introduce the progress of environmental monitoring and the "ten atmospheric regulations"

at the press conference, Mongolia took the development of economic and trade relations as a priority area of its relations with China. Q: Recently, some public opinion believed that there was great pressure on the assessment and ranking, which led to the falsification of local monitoring data. What measures does the Ministry of environmental protection take to ensure data quality

Wu Jiyou said that the quality of monitoring data is the lifeline of our environmental monitoring. The quality of data is related to the development of monitoring. The Ministry of environmental protection has always attached great importance to the quality of environmental monitoring data

first, a series of rules and regulations have been issued to prevent and control from the top-level design, and the "13th five year plan" for environmental monitoring quality management and the work plan for air quality management have been issued

second, reform the system and mechanism. At the end of November 2016, all the powers of ambient air quality monitoring were collected, from the previous "who will be assessed, who will monitor" to "who will assess, who will monitor", which systematically protected the monitoring data from administrative intervention

third, improve the management system. The detailed rules for the implementation of the operation and management of the national ambient air quality monitoring network city station (Trial) was issued. After the power was handed over, the main body of operation and maintenance changed, and the Ministry of environmental protection put forward clear requirements for the data quality management of the operation and maintenance company

fourth, improve the quality control system. Start to build a quality control system for three-level environmental quality monitoring of national, regional and operation and maintenance institutions, and take multiple measures to ensure the authenticity of data

fifth, strengthen the deterrent effect of justice. The Ministry of environmental protection actively coordinates with the "two Supreme People's congresses". In the "two Supreme People's congresses" interpretation on Several Issues concerning the application of laws in handling criminal cases of environmental pollution, which has been implemented since January 2017, the falsification of environmental monitoring data has been punished as "the crime of destroying computer information", which effectively solves the problem of the difficulty of conviction for falsification

sixth, strictly investigate and deal with data fraud. By taking various forms such as flight inspection, we have investigated and dealt with data fraud together, dealt with the suspected fraud seriously, and investigated the cases with bad circumstances and conclusive evidence according to law, forming a powerful deterrent effect

Wu Jiyou said that through multiple simultaneous measures, it has played a very good role in ensuring the quality of data, focusing on the industrialization development of new materials and new technologies and market utilization, and strengthening monitoring quality management. The results of the formext event held in Frankfurt last year

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