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Ministry of environmental protection: no new rural coal to gas may be a personal statement that he will continue to promote the work of coal to gas

"in addition to the rural coal to gas task carried forward in 2017, in principle, no new rural coal to gas and coal-fired boiler to gas will be added in 2018." On January 30, an article entitled "Hebei: in principle, there will be no new rural coal to gas and coal-fired boilers to gas" attracted widespread attention

according to media reports, a staff member of the conservation and equipment department of Hebei Provincial Energy Bureau said in an interview that considering that Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. informed you of the current tightness of gas sources in the test process, only the uncompleted coal to gas project in 2017 will be temporarily scheduled to be completed in 2018, and will not be added in principle. After the gas source is guaranteed, the specific promotion plan needs to be coordinated with the housing and construction department

On January 31, after the regular press conference of the Ministry of environmental protection, Liu Youbin, a spokesman for the Ministry of environmental protection, told the Huaxia times that he understood that Hebei Province attached great importance to the work of changing coal to gas and had repeatedly stated that it would carry out this work in accordance with the unified deployment of the state

"Li said that 'in 2018, Baotou Institute of quality and design can carry out polyethylene (PE) coverage. In principle, there will be no new rural coal to gas and coal-fired boilers to gas', which may be a personal statement." Liu Youbin said

not only Hebei, in the future, the Ministry of environmental protection will continue to implement the pilot project of clean heating cities in northern China, focusing on the "2+26" urban power generation and gas generation of coal, and steadily promote clean heating

on December 5, 2017, ten ministries and commissions, including the national development and Reform Commission, the energy administration and the Ministry of environmental protection, jointly issued the "northern region winter clean heating plan (year)", which also requires that by 2019, the northern region's clean heating rate should reach 50%, replacing 74million tons of loose burning coal (including coal for inefficient small boilers). By 2021, the clean heating rate in northern China will reach 70%, replacing 150 million tons of bulk coal (including coal for inefficient small boilers)

Liu Youbin said, "every work has a process of continuous improvement, and the whole work cannot be stopped just because there are a few problems in the work. China's coal to gas project is so huge that it is a great thing in the history of haze control of mankind. Although there are some situations in China, they have been solved in time with the attention of the state and local governments."

at the same time, from the perspective of practical effect, coal to gas is very effective in improving energy structure and environmental quality, which is also recognized by the international community and proves that the direction of coal to gas is right

"I grew up in the countryside, and it is a universal welfare of the country to allow farmers to enjoy natural gas. The life of our urban residents is very convenient, and they can use natural gas when they turn on the stove. Why can't farmers enjoy the same life?" Liu Youbin said, "according to the supervision of the Ministry of environmental protection last year, farmers' living environment and quality of life have been greatly improved after enjoying natural gas. They are very happy."

however, it remains to be demonstrated how many tasks will be arranged to change coal to gas this year. Liu Youbin said that after widely listening to the opinions of various departments, localities and relevant enterprises, and after the demonstration of experts, the government work report will make a reasonable arrangement for the task of changing coal to gas this year

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