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The rapid development of Western printing industry in the past 20 years of reform and opening up, especially in the years after the western development and China's entry into WTO, the Western printing industry has developed rapidly

at present, there are 92400 printing enterprises in China, with a total printing output value of more than 310billion yuan. There are more than 20000 printing enterprises in the west, accounting for about 21.6% of the country; The total output value of printing is more than 30 billion yuan (including 6 billion yuan in Shaanxi, 7 billion yuan in Sichuan, 3 billion yuan in Chongqing and more than 2 billion yuan in Yunnan), accounting for about 13% of the country; There are 330000 printing employees, accounting for about 10% of the country

in recent years, a number of advantageous enterprises have been cultivated, including Shaanxi printing factory, Yunnan Qiaotong packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye exquisite printing Co., Ltd. in 2003 and 2004, seven enterprises in the West entered the top 100 printing enterprises in China. In Yunnan and Shaanxi, where the printing industry is relatively developed, the number of printing enterprises with fixed assets of more than 100million yuan has exceeded 10

printing enterprises in the West are mainly publications, packaging and decoration printing enterprises. From the perspective of enterprise types, small and medium-sized enterprises are the main ones, and there are not many large backbone enterprises. For example, there are 8 enterprises in Yunnan with fixed assets of more than 100million yuan, 19 with fixed assets of 50million yuan to 100million yuan, 41 with fixed assets of 10million yuan to 50million yuan, 31 with fixed assets of 5million yuan to 10million yuan, 191 with fixed assets of 1million yuan to 5million yuan, and the fixed assets of other enterprises are less than 1million yuan. In terms of the nature of enterprises, the proportion of state-owned enterprises has decreased significantly, and private enterprises have sprung up. The job of 1858 printing experimental machine manufacturers in Shaanxi is to provide highly rigid equipment control; Users with higher demand will use other software to finish the post-processing. Among the enterprises, the state-owned assaying experts will listen to your test. There are 166 target enterprises, 397 collective enterprises, 15 Sino foreign joint ventures, and the remaining 68.8% of the enterprises are joint-stock and private enterprises in various forms, which have basically formed multiple types of public ownership economy and the coexistence of joint-stock, private, private, foreign capital and other economic elements of ownership Multi level hardness experiment pattern

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